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For as long as I can remember I've had a camera, of one sort or another, close to hand. It's only really been in recent years, that I have taken an active pleasure in getting up early, in search of the "golden hour" whether from home or on holiday. Due to the advent of the digital age I no longer have to post the roll of film off and wait two weeks to see what I've have captured. It all goes on my lovely MacBook Pro that my lovely wife bought me. I'm no fan of the editing process, but know it is part of the production.

I'm not comfortable calling myself a photographer; but would love to become one!

The smaller of the two chaps in the image is a car park security guard in Pigg's Peak Swaziland! The taller of the two is me!

I've invested a lot of energy, over about two decades into sport: Volleyball was the sport that somehow chose me and I was lucky enough to have played with an English Rose and the British Flag on my shirt.

My job for the last 25 years or so has been as a teacher. It's an amazing lifestyle and the interactions with the children on a daily basis really do make it worthwhile: don't listen to the old cynics.

I'm constantly fighting the urge to upgrade my Pentax kit to one of the big two. I have a Pentax K3 and some lovely glass to make things look lively and bright. South Africa has become my mecca over the years and spend all the time I can with the wildlife and photographing it.